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Records in databases:
Enterprises: 180
Business Offers: 369440
Investment projects: 138451111
Our address
g.Astrakhan', ul.Volodarskogo,14a
Ph.: (8512) 44-30-10
Fax: (8512) 30-65-85
The counter of visitings

The information about ММЦ

Data on the company

The general(common) data


The name of the organization

Joint-Stock Company the Inter-regional marketing centre "Astrakhan - Moscow"

The contact data

General director Reutsky Alexey Anatol'evich

The post address

414000, Astrakhan, street. Володарского, 14А

E - mail


Phone / fax

Phone/fax: (8512 30-65-85; 44-30-10

Профильность (the basic and additional directions of activity of the Centre)



Информационно-marketing services.

Promotion of the specialized programs for professional marketing.

Actualization of a professional knowledge on technology seminars - on-line on sections: management, the finance, accounts department, the right and the staff. For today it is the most effective way constantly to raise qualification and a level of knowledge of heads and experts of any enterprise, using the newest technologies of interactive training.

Gathering and actualization of the information on the enterprises of region in format Business - to - Business (B 2 B).

Internet - trading house "МИТС-АСТРАХАНЬ" - the full-function electronic trading system, allowing to conclude bargains in an electronic kind with use of the electronic digital signature.

Opening of интернет-representations (virtual offices of the companies with an opportunity of the closed document circulation through a network the Internet.)

Selection of the staff. The maintenance(contents) of the domain with the project « Work in Astrakhan ».

Креативность (the offered projects, the new services, new techniques, concepts of own marketing)

1) Promotion брэндов

The project on creation and promotion local брэнда - the largest chemist's network « On health » (corporate style, marketing of sales, мерчендайзинг new trading interiors).

Promotion of a network of drugstores "Doctor" (advertising strategy, development of corporate style, development of the innovational промо-action(»Ó«¼«-share)).

Creation of image of the company the Centre of aesthetic medicine « Биожени clinics » (Лого, corporate style, interior - design, advertising consulting)

Creation of corporate style of a network of drugstores « the Kind Doctor ».

Редизайн corporate style of company " Трансинжиниринг ".

Creation брэнда the Drugstore "Is sensible" (corporate style, advertising consulting).

Creation local брэнда – club аквааэробики "Акватоник" (a name, corporate style).

Creation брэнда shop of building materials "Paint - up to" (Лого, corporate style).

Development and creation of a site of the deputy of the State Duma of the Astrakhan area of O.Sarycheva.

Редизайн corporate style the Factory « the Astrakhan Fiber glass ».

Development медиаплана advertising for 3-rd quarter 2004г. for Regional branch JUTK " Связьинформ " to Astrakhan.

Advertising support of firm " capital " (Polygraphic design of presentation materials for a thematic exhibition « City for formation(education) — formation(education) for city »).

2) Own projects:

Granting телерадиокомпании "LOTUS" of the information block of " News of Business ».

Opening of the project on expansion of service, information and advertising opportunities of the Astrakhan railway station with the help интерьерной and the outdoor advertising, polygraphic and audio-advertising in passenger trains.

Reconstruction and introduction in action of the largest light board(panel) in city. His(its) positioning as information and advertising carrier – a symbol of modern city of Astrakhan - « New technologies on an old place »

The Internet - project « Work in Astrakhan » (creation of a интернет-platform of an easy approach for employers and applicants, attraction of personnel agencies and regional service of employment).

Creation of holding « Group of the companies « the First Number(line) » and promotion regional брэнда (development of the concept of joint activity, corporate design, joint ÙßÔáó«þ¡«-marketing actions).

Our Clients:

ЭЛКО, ЮТК "СВЯЗЬИНФОРМ", the Factory "Fiber glass", Open Company " Стройстеклосервис ", the paint and Varnish factory, Committee on pharmaceutical activity, the Network of drugstores « On health », Personnel agency " Елисей ", Firm « Local Computing systems », the Astrakhan management on service of passengers Privolzhskoj of the railway etc.

Technical equipment (the area and престижность office, presence of means: to - in computers, a phone / fax, the allocated line

Three offices in the city centre the general(common) area over 80 m2, Including the conference hall (the complete set of the multimedia equipment: PC, multimedia projector NEC VT 660 K, audio-system KUSTOM KPA 80, настенный and mobile screens, videorecorder SONY Slv - P 14 EE internal and external telecommunication; the complete set of the satellite equipment: the satellite aerial 1,2м, two computers + PCI DVB card SkyStar-2, three high-speed интернет-connections: 1) ADSL; 2) network - connection; 3) a satellite stream

Presence of means at office:

4 personal computers, ноутбук, the laser printer, the jet printer, the network Internet, the scanner, the digital chamber, the stitching machine, two photocopiers of formats А4 and А3, a fax, three city telephone lines, pass automatic telephone exchange on 12 internal numbers.

The other data

The full member of the International association « System of the inter-regional marketing centres », a member of the Russian association of marketing, a member Astrakhan ТПП.

Regional branch of remote formation(education) of the International Centre of financial and Economic Development.

The certificated partner

The exclusive representative of the World System of the information "KOMPASS".

Regional representation of the Inter-regional Internet - trading network.

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