News from 07/28/2008 ( "Astrakhan - Moscow")
Bank interest to Astrakhan accrues

" Money does not happen ", - by this phrase, obviously much, heads of the Russian financial structures when pay the attention to the Astrakhan area are guided. In region the set of branches of various banks already operates. However soon the list wishing to work in local economy soon again will increase. Yesterday the governor of the Astrakhan area Alexander Zhilkin has informed about it.

One of partners of territory joint-stock financial corporation " system " - one of the largest in Russia and the CIS of the corporations, owning and managing share holdings of the companies working in fast-growing service sectors of economy in the near future becomes. In aggregate the "daughters" controllable by "System", serve more than hundred millions consumers in Russia and the countries of the CIS, in East and Western Europe.

On A.Zhilkina's words, forming business - directions of "System" are telecommunications, high technologies and the real estate. The most perspective for an investment of money in corporation count retail trade, the finance, weights - and a direction. Besides "System" develops tourism, a radio engineering and space technologies, medicine and biotechnologies, invests in petroleum sector.

Yesterday the governor has carried on negotiations with delegation of a management(manual) of the corporation which have arrived to Astrakhan. As he said, "System" has offered the interesting project – to construct the medical diagnostic centre. The idea as has told A.Zhilkin, was approved by him(it). Its(her) realization will begin in the near future, and should be finished in nine months. The governor has not informed a detail of the project, having noticed only, that the new centre will be highly technological and is designed for service of adults and children.

Also the management(manual) of "System" has confirmed the participation in the program of liquidation shabby and construction of new habitation. The agreement on it, as is known, was signed at the end of September, 2007. The corporation chooses a method of resettlement of citizens, so-called "wave" when the house all over again is under construction, in him(it) people from nearby "", second-hand articles move, on the spot on his(its) place start to hammer in new piles etc. the Main advantage – to the townspeople is not necessary to move in other areas. Besides all new buildings will include a social infrastructure – drugstores, children's , schools, shops etc.

But also on it the Astrakhan interests of "System" are not limited. The corporation, according to the governor, plans to engage in development of hotel, restaurant and trading business.

Except for "System", some agreements on cooperation in financial sphere with "Savings Bank" and "" are recently signed. " Also the big interest to the Astrakhan area is shown with financial institutions of Open Society " Gazprom ". The agreement with them is planned to sign in August of the current year. Thus, we are not deprived of attention of large business - structures of Russia. For us the main thing – to create comfortable conditions for their development in territory of region ", - has told A.Zhilkin.