News from 07/28/2008 ( "Astrakhan - Moscow")
Credit reliability of the Astrakhan area has decreased

According to results of annual research of relative credit status of subjects of the Russian Federation, carried out(spent) agency AK*M, on results of 2007 the integrated level of relative credit status of the Astrakhan area makes 38,38 points. In comparison with 2006 in the general(common) rating the region was lowered(omitted) on 10 positions downwards from 55 places on 65 line.

The information(inquiry).

During research the analysis of two groups of criteria was carried out(spent):

• the criteria determining a financial condition of region (are based on the given monthly reports on execution(performance) of budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation as of January, 1, 2008);

• the criteria determining a level of economic development of region and creating the preconditions of formation of a profitable part of the budget (are based on data as of January, 1, 2008).

Source of the information on execution(performance) of budgets and volumes of a public debt of subjects of the Russian Federation is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.