News from 07/11/2007 (ΜΜΦ "Astrakhan - Moscow")
The Astrakhan businessmen will take part in the first business - οεπεοθρθ
Under the initiative of the Government of the Astrakhan area representatives of subjects of small business will take part in the first pilot project of continuous inspection. The purpose of the project is search of the most effective conditions of development of small business in the Astrakhan area.
Last years in our area the agriculture and the industry successfully develops, growth of parameters of activity of subjects of small business is swept especially up. For today in small business it is involved almost 40 percents of the population, and densities of this business in a total regional product on results of 2006 has made 19,2 percents. In 2006 subjects of small business of the Astrakhan area have paid in budgets of different levels of one and a half billion roubles. For comparison it is necessary to result figures for 2005 – 712 million, almost twice it is less. The share of small business in volume of the general(common) tax payments in 2005 has made five percents, in 2006 - already nine. For achievement of the maximal results, within the framework of the pilot project it is necessary to survey 5 thousand legal persons and 27 thousand individual businessmen. The first business - οεπεοθρθ only it will be necessary for participants to fill in the questionnaire from which it(he) will be visited by the interviewer. All received results will be used at drawing up of the all-Russian technique of monitoring of small business, and also will serve as the basic argument at creation of new forms of the state support of small business. For today in the Astrakhan area the branch target program " the State support of small business in the Astrakhan area for 2006-2008 years " operates, nevertheless, problems up to the end are not exhausted(settled). Therefore results of the first Astrakhan business - οεπεοθρθ will allow the regional Government to develop effectual measures of development of small sector of economy of area, informs the
ministry of economic development of the Astrakhan area.

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