News from 11/17/2003 ( "Astrakhan - Moscow")
The IMC at an exhibition
With 4-th till 6th November in Astrakhan there passed 6- the specialized exhibition " Computer science. Office equipment. Communication(connection). Advertising. Polygraphy 2003 " in which Joint-Stock Company MMTS " Astrakhan - Moscow " has taken part.
The inter-regional marketing centre has shown the opportunities in promotion of the goods on the regional and foreign markets, in selection of trading and industrial partners, in granting the actual information on the enterprises.
In the help to the Astrakhan businessmen were submitted: the Inter-regional -trading network allowing essentially in a new fashion to conduct the business - to carry out(spend) electronic tenders and to conclude bargains in an electronic kind, using the electronic digital signature; the -analytical system Marketing Analytic 4.0, allowing to realize the complex approach to management of marketing activity of the enterprise; the World System of information (the Uniform Database about the companies, the world(global) qualifier of the goods and services)
Also firms known for all have taken part in an exhibition - "", " Astrakhan Guarantor - service ", "Scale - " and others. Within the framework of 3 day time exhibitions present have familiarized with last achievements in sphere of information technologies. Heads of firms discussed opportunities of perspective development of new directions in the field of a supply with information. Actual there were also such themes, as: information technologies in authorities, formation of normative and legal maintenance of this sphere, items(points) of open access to information systems.
For active participation in work of an exhibition and a high level of submitted exposition "Astrakhan - Moscow" it is awarded with the diploma.