News from 03/22/2003 (ΜΜΦ "Astrakhan - Moscow")
The studio of advertising and design " Vais Studio Design " is open
The IMC "Astrakhan - Moscow" constantly expands a spectrum of services for successful business of its clients.

To come out on new commodity markets, to find worthy trading partners, to receive a trustworthy information, to adjust business ties, being guided by the benefit - is the natural aspiration of each businessman.

With a view of the most full satisfaction of these aspirations in the IMC "Astrakhan - Moscow" was created and has started work the new structural division - studio of advertising and design « Vais Studio Design ».

Promotion of business of clients in regions, selection of potential partners, realization of marketing researches, reception of analytical reports, development of advertising strategy, advertising support and the analysis of advertising efficiency, consulting services in the field of advertising, complex development of corporate style (development and completion of logotypes and trade marks of firm, official papers, presentation documents, accessories, gifts, packings, etc.), manufacturing and support of web-presences, the organization and realization of promotion-actions, etc.- now all this work of one firm.

Such approach is also justified economically. The full complex of marketing services for concrete firm or the enterprise is more cheap, if it is done by one firm.

The address and phones of « VaisStudio Design »:
Astrakhan, Sverdlov street, 12. ph. 60-36-21, 39-17-94.