News from 01/03/2003 ( "Astrakhan - Moscow")
Internet-trading house "MITS-ASTRAKHAN" has opened
The inter-regional -trading network () created under aegis of the Russian Union of industrialists and businessmen, is the first in the country the complex, multilevel and systematized structure in sphere of the Internet - trade, allowing to carry out(spend) electronic tenders and to conclude bargains in an electronic kind, using the electronic digital signature. For this purpose in system MITS Certifying centre which provides distribution, storage and identification of certificates of keys of electronic digital signatures is created.

gives new mechanisms of interaction between the enterprises which can operate in parallel with already existing. They allow to deduce(remove) supply and selling of the enterprises on more high level.

In system MITS the mechanisms, providing to sellers and buyers reliable guarantees of performance of conditions of bargains are stipulated.

In the service of logistic which allows participants of system to lower transport charges due to grouping their cargoes on directions and uses of passing transport functions.

provides to the enterprises a global commodity market, high competitiveness, an opportunity of individual work, reduction of a circuit of deliveries, the expenses, new opportunities in business. Disappearance of geographical barriers and functioning in a mode "247" gives participants ample opportunities of the operative coordination of conditions of bargains, providing thus reliability of performance of obligations under the made bargains.

Internet - trading house "-"