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Records in databases:
Enterprises: 180
Business Offers: 369440
Investment projects: 138451111
Our address
g.Astrakhan', ul.Volodarskogo,14a
Ph.: (8512) 44-30-10
Fax: (8512) 30-65-85
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You welcomes an IMC "Astrakhan - Moscow"

   Dear ladies and gentlemen!
   We welcome you in virtual space of the Astrakhan area. Our информационно-business portal is created with the purpose of promotion of the goods and services of the enterprises of the Astrakhan area in the internal, Russian and international markets.

We expand borders of your business!
 ФОБОС: weather to Astrakhan  Выставки_online
News line

Attention heads of the enterprises!
If you are ready to share news of business, inform us!
We free-of-charge shall remove(take off) for you a videoplot and we shall place it(him)
On " the first channel of business "

 Ph. ( 8512 ) 44-30-10
Fax. (8512 30-65-85

News of Region
 • 07/29/2008 19:36
Astrakhan becomes key city of Prikaspija
 • 07/28/2008 13:57
The government of the Russian Federation has disposed to lead(carry out) in Astrakhan intergovernmental economic conference прикаспийских the states
 • 07/28/2008 13:54
Bank interest to Astrakhan accrues
 • 07/28/2008 13:52
The Astrakhan area among subjects of the Russian Federation
 • 07/28/2008 13:50
Credit reliability of the Astrakhan area has decreased
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News of an IMC
 • 09/01/2010 12:39
Began work the updated portal ММЦ "Astrakhan".
 • 04/01/2009 14:15
Summarizing of the project the Business - marathon ' 2009. Business mission of the Moscow small enterprises to Astrakhan
 • 07/11/2007 19:03
The Astrakhan businessmen will take part in the first business - переписи
 • 09/30/2005 20:58
Focuses - groups on a theme of " the Problem of youth "
 • 08/23/2005 19:26
ММЦ "Astrakhan - Moscow" the corporate seminar - training has held
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